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SIPPS VAT creates pain for dentist

The VAT treatment of property transactions is notoriously complex and even the First Tier VAT Tribunal (FTT) can make mistakes in interpreting how the legislation should be applied as it did in a recent VAT case (Darren & Lynne Hills) concerning whether or not the option to tax applied to a property sold to them Read more »

Welcome to our new team member; Charity VAT specialist

Just VAT is pleased to announce that co-founder Ellen Main-Jeffrey is joining the team. Ellen is a Charity VAT specialist with over 30 years VAT experience including 10 years as an inspector in HM Customs & Excise (now HMRC). Ellen spent over 20 years with Big 4 firms, advising businesses of all shapes and sizes Read more »

Don’t Just Follow the Crowd

Seemingly in the blink of an eye, crowdfunding has become part of our vocabulary. It should come as no surprise, therefore, to hear that the phrase does not appear in VAT legislation, as there is an inevitable time lag between a development in the ‘real world’ and administrators reacting to accommodate it. To give credit Read more »