Specialist VAT Advice for Opticians in the Midlands, London and the Home Counties.

Opticians Brief

VAT services for Opticians

  • A periodic expert review

    Just VAT perform all-embracing reviews covering income streams, overheads and capital costs

  • Reaching the optimum composite rate for dispensed goods

    Just VAT perform analysis to justify rates adopted

  • Minimising the risks associated with the partial exemption rules

    Just VAT can suggest best and simplest partial exemption methods available

Introducing JUST VAT

JUST VAT is a pure VAT consultancy practice led by Phil Jeffrey, its co-founder and principal consultant.

The combined experience of JUST VAT personnel in dealing with VAT 100% of the time exceeds 60 years. Whilst all advice is bespoke to the JUST VAT client, this experience gives us the knowledge to be able to deliver cost-effective, user-friendly ‘packages’ of services, to maximise value and impact.

Being independent of any accounting or auditing business, JUST VAT is unfettered by audit constraints or conflicts of interest.

JUST VAT operations and personnel are regulated by the Chartered Institute of Taxation.


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